Terms and Conditions

Security at its finest! Spain Service guarantees a secure online shopping experience and a trusted store for all customers.

Our website employs generally accepted information security techniques such as firewalls, access control procedures, and cryptographic mechanisms, all aimed at preventing unauthorized data access. To achieve these goals, the user/customer agrees that the provider may obtain data for the purpose of the corresponding authentication of access controls. Furthermore, credit card data is not stored in any database but goes directly to the Banco Santander’s Point of Sale Terminal (TPV).

Additionally, we would like to inform you that in an effort to provide greater security for credit card owners, we have incorporated the secure payment system called CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) into our payment gateway. This way, if you are the holder of a “secured” card, you can always make payments with VISA or MASTERCARD at our store.

The user is responsible for having read our terms and conditions, where it is strictly detailed that the user, buyer, or consumer must be over 18 years of age to proceed with the purchase of our items.

Service contracts will be carried out through email and other communication methods that allow transmitting and storing information in writing.

All services published on the website will require a minimum prepayment of 50%.

The service published on the website is considered reserved once 100% of the chosen service cost has been paid.

Detailed information regarding the service provision conditions is indicated in the description of the service published on the website.

Regarding certified translations and any official documents, we deliver them worldwide.

The shipping cost will vary based on weight and final destination.

Cancellations or returns of translation services are not accepted once payment has been made and the service has been reserved.

Cancellations and partial returns of other services, including VIP services at airports and transfers, are allowed with prior notice according to the following conditions:

50% refund with a minimum 48-hour notice before the service.
No refund will be provided with less than 24 hours of advance notice before the service.

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